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Design and Operating Characteristics
In the Ridge Energy design for CAES, the compression train is separated from the generation train so that each can be designed for maximum efficiency. However, the two trains can be run simultaneously if the market prices warrant it.

Standard compression train blocks of 100 MW each can be combined with standard generation blocks of 135 MW each to capture market opportunities present at any given location. The use of multi-unit trains, each with a wide span and speed of response, on both the compression and generation side gives the operator maximum flexibility to manage the load, storage and generation aspects of CAES in an efficient, cost effective and reliable manner.





Heat Rate

< 4,300 Btu/kWh

Charging Ratio

0.75 MWh compression/1 MWh generation


50% of standard simple cycle combustion turbine (based on electrical output)


No degradation due to high ambient temperatures or altitude

Start Up

0 - 100% in less than 10 minutes
(A warm start to 10% load can be accomplished in 4-5 minutes; Normal ramp up from 10 to 100% load is 4 minutes; An emergency ramp up from 10 to 100% load can be done in 2 minutes)

Ramp Rate

50% - 100% in < 15 seconds

Part Load

Minimal heat rate and environmental degradation down to 50% of capacity

Black Start







Full Load

<10 minutes

50 - 100%

<30 seconds

VAR Support

0 - 60 MVAR




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